Charity shines in difficult times. Please support St. Vincent's with your online donations. Pray for us and know that we pray for you who partner with St. Vincent's to assist those in need.

Our Mission


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The Friends of Stella Maris is a group dedicated to support the mission and vision of the Birkenfeld St. Vincent de Paul Stella Maris House, an emergency shelter for homeless women and their children in Bremerton, WA. The shelter was built in 2010 and is primarily supported by donations through the Bremerton St. Vincent de Paul Society.

The Friends of Stella Maris seeks to expand the capacity of the shelter beyond a safe place to stay, meals, and encouragement by raising awareness and financial support. Safe, low-cost housing is rare in our community. The Friends of Stella Maris works to bridge the gap between what our residents can afford and the high cost of decent housing, as well as helping with other critical needs that often stand in the way of self-sufficiency and dignity.

The STAR of HOPE Gala Event is our primary fundraiser. Please join us. You will be inspired as you hear the stories of women who began their journey to wholeness the day they walked through the door of Stella Maris House. It is a privilege and an honor to offer these women the opportunity to succeed. You are invited to be a part of their story.